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How can your best talent live their very best life?

The BODY is the engine that calms the mind and enables your life's mission.

Performance evangelist and Master Fitness Trainer Darryl Cross has spoken to over 10,000 lawyers and business executives on how physical fitness and well-being, passion, and teams are essential components to living your best life.

Darryl inspires audiences using stories and first hand experience in how the most elite teams and performers in the world minimize burnout despite handling seemingly impossible challenges–over and over again.

Keynotes to Inspire CHANGE and ACTION



Exercise, proper nutrition, and adequate recovery are critical components to help compensate for a sedentary, stressful profession.


Building "body armor" is one of the best ways to keep deal with the extreme demands your job, family obligations, and those unforeseen black swans place on your talent.


We believe will help your organization build a "fitness culture" with our outsourced and on-site Chief Wellness Officer service engagements.



Lawyers and business professionals are overstressed and work in cultures where asking for help is often seen as a sign of weakness. This inevitably leads to burnout, turnover---or worse. 


We have studied astronauts, surgeons, fighter pilots, and professional athletes to learn how high performers deal with mental well-being under the most extreme conditions---as a team.


We will help your organization implement these proven approaches to calming the mind.



What is your mission? It is more than your what you do for a living. It is all that  drives you to be your best self because it matters: career, family, friends, charity, and your legacy.


Passion, purpose, and meaningfulness is what replenishes your emotional and physical bank when you are making constant withdrawals.


Our programs and and presentations at partner retreats, board meetings, and client events will inspire attendees how to sustain their life's mission without sacrificing their physical and mental well-being to achieve it.


  • "One of the best, action oriented presentations in our decades-long annual client program."

    -- Dave Bruns, law firm executive, LMA Hall of Fame 

  • "Darryl Cross brings research, substance, and humor to every one of his motivational talks. Consistently dynamic and actionable!"

    -- David Ackert, CEO, Ackert Advisory

  • I called on Darryl to help us take that fire-in-the belly mindset to the next level and he exceeded our expectations.”

    -- Jose Cunningham, Amlaw 100 CMO

  • "His drive and focus is a great relief in this world of boring presentations. His work was VITAL."
    -- Santiago Gomez Sancha, law firm executive, Uria Menendez

  • “Darryl delivers powerful guidance that inspires performers to achieve their goals with precision and greater confidence.”

    --Iris Jones, law firm executive, McNees

  • "Darryl is in the top echelon of presenters and drives his message home in an efficient and fun manner. Audience acceptance of his message is very high."

    -- Dan Boho, Litigation Chair and Partner, Hinshaw and Culbertson

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