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busy executives

Workout of the week (WOW) #1

The top complaints I get for not working out are lack of time, lack of access to a facility/equipment and ...
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Have a minute? Then you have a workout.

  What if I told you that the most common excuse for not working out is not valid? What is ...
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The 30 minute workout

This is a variation to the 15 minute workout I published before.  It is more challenging, so prepare yourself to ...
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I can beat my head against a wall harder than you

Let's say you were at the local high school track to do some sprints. It is interval day, and you ...
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View from the top

My good friend, Larry Bodine, is a brilliant business development coach and visionary on using the web to increase your ...
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The First Lady’s first class arms

Talk about a great role model. The 44 year old first lady of the United States looks like she is ...
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Wait just a second

I noticed today on my travels that it is easy to make the wrong choices about eating without even thinking ...
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Does smart equal fat?

Well, the title of this posting should get your attention. I have not lost my mind, but a new study ...
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Don't Let Calories Be a Bully–Push Back!

People do not set out to get fat. No one tries to make their butt get bigger over time. I ...
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Diet Strategy for the Road Warrior

If you frequently find yourself away from home working on that big deal or legal matter, you know as well ...
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