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Burnout signals and signs

Are you a hard charger that can bust through any wall with the sheer force of your will, work ethic, and determination? While I admire your tenacity, I worry about your endurance. Everyone has a breaking point, and there are costs to every broken down wall. In most law firms, work-influenced misery is a badge…

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Irish dining

A few years ago, I spent an incredible week touring the entire South of Ireland. It involved a great deal of time in the car, a few too many pints, and eating out all three meals a day for seven glorious days. Do I feel guilty? No. It was a vacation. Do I feel fat?…

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Make age your asset, not a liability

Drew Brees is outstanding. He is at top of his game (minus the busted up thumb early in the 2019 season). He is not young. It has been ten long years since quarterback Drew Brees led the Saints to their only championship while earning himself a Most Valuable Player honor in the process. This means…

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