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Why This is My Passion (1)

Darryl Cross
NASM Master Fitness Trainer, Certified Team Performance Coach, Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management

I have been training and coaching elite and casual athletic performers in sports, business, and the military for over 35 years. Sometimes, that is a boot camp at 6 a.m. in the ballroom at an industry trade show, a group session for 100 executives at a corporate retreat, or on the rugby pitch with a bunch of big, tough guys/gals.

I have also spent over 23 years helping lawyers and business leaders improve their business performance and profitability. The lessons and principles to improve performance in fitness are strikingly similar in business disciplines. However, the performance equation is imbalanced.

Organizations ask their people to push themselves with no rest or respite from a constantly moving finish line. They all all working extremely hard, sacrificing a big portion of their lives for their careers, and are expected to do even more. A thought then hit me:


Asking rainmakers in any field to constantly work themselves to the point of exhaustion without some outlet to recharge and recover is unfair and unproductive. Eventually, something has to give. Challenges with our jobs, families, or life in general are unavoidable. Building "body armor" through improved physical fitness and well-being makes you better prepared for them.

Helping lawyers and business executives improve their physical well-being through regular exercise, proper nutrition, and adequate recovery is the most important contribution I can make to the legal industry. We are burning out our best and brightest, and it must stop.

A healthy BODY is the engine that calms the mind and enables your life's mission. Many things in life are out of our control, but choosing to take the time to become more physically fit is completely up to you. I hope you will join us in making it a reality at your organization. And, I hope you make the decision to make it a reality for YOU.

If you are going to work and play hard, you need to exercise and recover hard. That is the cost.

Have a question? You can email directly at anytime. If your organization wants to talk about how to make this an institutional priority, let's chat.

With you,

Darryl Cross

  • Certifications

    One of only 150 Master Trainers in the world certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine

    First and only certified team performance coach dedicated to the legal industry

  • Awards

    Inducted Fellow, College of Law Practice Management, 2019

    Inducted Fellow, American Lawyer Media, 2019

    Excellence in Legal Marketing Award, 2003

  • Experience

    Led and designed all training and coaching for largest, full time lawyer "sales force" in the world (LexisNexis)

    CEO and Founder of client, industry, management team performance consultancy (High Per Teams)

    Legal industry technology executive and performance futurist (Intapp)

    Pioneer in law firm business development and team performance as Chief Marketing Officer (Benesch Law)

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