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Training includes what you choose NOT to do

We all have the exact same number of hours in the day. How we choose to spend those hours is the difference between good, pretty damn good, and holy s*** that person is good.

I always enjoy reading about the mindset and discipline of athletes. Even at the highest levels of competition, there are limits to what the human body and mind can handle. It needs rest, recovery, and recharging to be able to perform. That means finding the BEST way of training and continuously improving. Some ideas:


  1. Rely on a coach. No one is self determined enough and honest enough with themselves to work on their weaknesses and challenge themselves all the time.
  2. Become a student of your craft. There is a best way. FInd it and master it. Then be on the lookout for the next innovation, and do it again.
  3. Find teammates and competitions where you will be challenged. If you are constantly dominating or being dominated, you are at the wrong tier for now.


  1. Engage in mindless activity based on time spent. Lifting soup cans for 30 minutes will not make you super strong. If improvement is your goal, there are better ways to spend 30 minutes.
  2. Avoid competition and simulation. It is the only way to translate skills into performance.
  3. Become wed to your routine or program. When you can do it in your sleep, you are sleepwalking. That is no way to compete.

“Business athletes” should apply the same principles. The people around you with better results have had the same training, education, and experience as you. Perhaps it is what they choose NOT to do that is the difference.


Reflect on your previous week. What is it that you need to STOP doing? What is it that you think you should START doing? Lastly, what should you CONTINUE doing that’s helping you?

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