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Workout of the week (WOW) #7

Here is your workout of the week. Do not pause between any section. Keep moving!

Warm up (40 seconds each with no rest):

Circuit (3 rounds)

  • Switch lunge (40 seconds)
  • Jump rope OR Jumping jacks (40 seconds)
  • Sprawls (40 seconds)
  • Rest (40 seconds)

Core (2 rounds)

Cool down: overall body stretching and deep breathing for 1 minute.

Coach’s note: If you cannot do 40 seconds of jump rope, start practicing! You can get a jump rope for less than $10 and take it with you anywhere. It is the single most versatile piece of equipment you can own. I have a few of these jump ropes, and I stash one in my laptop bag, one in my suitcase, etc. Get a couple!

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