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Workout of the week (WOW) #3

Here is this week’s workout. Perform every other day in conjunction with, or in place of, your current workout routine. We are mixing it up a bit by making it simpler. It is not easier. Set the clock for 15 minutes and let it run.

After the warm up, you will do eleven (11) rounds of three exercises. You have to start the next round every time the next minute starts. So, your rest time is how much of the minute is left after completing all of them. No matter how long it takes you, you start again when the next minute starts. The faster you go, the more rest time you get.

Warm up (30 seconds each with no rest, 3 minutes total):

Perform these exercises back to back as fast as possible every-minute-on-the-minute (EMOM)

  • Seven (7) pushups
  • Seven (7) burpees
  • Seven (7) prisoner squats
  • Rest until the next minute starts and repeat for a total of 11 rounds

Cool down: overall body stretching and deep breathing for 1 minute.

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