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Kid training

Have you ever watched an 18 month old kid pick up a piece of food they just dropped on the floor and put it into their mouth? They might not understand the point that things covered with dirt and dog hair do not belong in their mouth, but they do seem to understand good biomechanics.

Flat back. Knees bent. Bending at the hips. Stand straight back up.

If you really watch a toddler walk, they look like drunk college kids after a beer pong tournament. They need to be zealots when it comes to maintaining their center of gravity, or they will fall over. By the way, I am referring to the toddlers.

Why do adults seem to lose their ability to execute proper form when they get older? I believe that they are compensating for neuromuscular deficiencies or they are lazy. Lazy is something I cannot fix, but anyone can correct their weak spots.

Read this article FIRST. It talks about the basic exercises and movements all young athletes should be able to master BEFORE specialized skill development. I think all adults should do the same. If you can do the basics like jumping rope, push ups and a couple of pull ups, you can build a solid program on top of it. If you can’t, there are some corrective exercises you need to work on before adding another Zumba class or exercise machine to your program. More to come on this topic…

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