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Don't let time push you around. Push back.

We help law firms create high performance cultures that enhance physical well-being, passion, and collaboration.

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Don't let time push you around. Push back.

We help law firms create fitness cultures that enhance physical well-being, reignite passion, and foster collaboration.


Physical fitness and enhanced well-being

Physical fitness and enhanced well-being

Exercise, nutrition, adequate rest, meaningful relationships, and minimal use of addictive substances are critical components to help compensate for a sedentary, stressful profession.


Prevention is the best strategy to keep your body and mind from failing from the extreme demands you place on it. After 20 years advising leaders in the legal industry, we have a unique understanding of  what is realistic, what is at stake, and what needs to be done.

Reignite your passion

Reignite your passion

What is your mission? It is more than your career: it is all that drives you to give your all because it matters. Passion, purpose, and meaningfulness is what replenishes your emotional and physical bank when you are making constant withdrawals. 


Our in-person and virtual programs at partner retreats, board meetings, and client events will inspire attendees how to build a fulfilling career and life without sacrificing well-being to achieve it.

Collaboration, teams, and trust

Collaboration, teams, and trust

Lawyers and business professionals are overstressed and work in cultures where asking for help is often seen as a sign of weakness. This inevitably leads to burnout, turnover---or worse. 


We have studied astronauts, surgeons, fighter pilots, and professional athletes to learn how high performers come together as a team. The ability to trust and collaborate is what makes it possible.


Our programs and approaches inspire people to reach out and accomplish great things.

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Looking to a create a powerful virtual or live event that will help your talent live heir best life? We have helped over 10,000 lawyers and leaders from over 100 countries do so.


Through over 30 years of research and working with the world's most talented teams, we have found the common principles that lead to true fulfillment and achievement.

Fitness App

Download the Rainmaker Fitness App to your tablet or phone for free workouts and programs to help improve your health and wellness. It is FREE and always will be.


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