Corporate KITA sessions

At corporate events, they solicit sponsors for everything: lunches, cocktail parties, even the room keys! However, sometimes placing your name on something just isn’t a great way to deliver a positive ROI. You need face to face contact and repetitive exposure. That is where KITA sponsorships can help!

We will run a KITA session, but it will be with your brand attached to it. In addition to getting face to face contact with all attendees, you will get the following:

  1. Recognition on the conference web site and collateral materials
  2. Mention of your sponsorship on all conference announcements promoting attendance
  3. Ability to provide branded items (towels, water bottles and other fitness related gear) at the KITA session
  4. Follow up email list of all attendees
  5. Spots for your staff to work out side by side with potential prospects

There is no better way to make an impact with potential customers than by working out hard with them and then setting up future meetings after the conference is over. This is not simply slapping a logo on something they will throw away. This is a year’s worth of contacts that you will have something in common with in less than a hour.

Contact us to learn about which conferences are still available!