Our approach

    1. The legal industry is different. Its people are different. That is why WE are different. Your coaches know your business and will build fitness programs with you in mind.
    2. We believe everyone needs to be encouraged, challenged and pushed.
    3. We know that people run faster when they are being chased, perform better while being watched and achieve more than they thought possible when the score is being counted.
    4. We encourage supportive teamwork with a healthy dose of competition to help anyone achieve a new personal record every time they make the effort towards improving their own performance.
    5. We provide the programs and coaching against each trainee’s ultimate opponent: themselves.
    6. It is our job to make the time go by quickly, make it fun and make it something you want to tell a friend about. Our programs last 45 minutes or less.
    7. Our clients do not pay us for time. They pay us for results. We can get our clients a great workout in a short amount of time to allow them to get back to their lives.
    8. After we leave the field, we expect you to take over and keep challenging yourself to do more.
    9. Many of the programs we design will have routines and exercises that you did as a child. We are getting back to that simple concept: go out and play.
    10. YOU must do the work.